PADMA Company

is the manufacturer of spare parts for heavy vehicles such as trucks, lorries

with high quality, guaranteed and high variety of products
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Golzad Trading Company with more than half a century of experience in the field of supply and distribution of spare parts for light, heavy, road construction and tractor vehicles with the registration of PADMA brand (PADMA) has provided domestic quality parts and presented it to consumers throughout Iran.

About Padma

The company is proud to use the most up-to-date research tests, analyzes and non-destructive tests such as:

mechanical properties
Specify the grade
Check the quality and thickness of different coatings
The wear went back and forth
Assembly capability
Analysis of the cause of component failure
And ….
Take a big step in eliminating low quality and non-standard parts and improving the quality level of domestic products.


Some of our products


Engine parts
Car and wheel axle parts
Types of clutch plates
Fuel and oil pipes
Types of shock absorbers and rubber parts
All kinds of screws and bolts
Types of rims
Types of washers and o-rings
And other spare parts for light and heavy vehicles, road construction and tractors


The main objectives of this collection


A smart and responsible look at the national interests and capitals with the approach of quality Iranian products and building trust for customers along with creating jobs for the domestic workforce
Adherence to the principle of quality and diligent efforts to maintain and improve the quality of goods and services
Respect for customers and respect for consumer rights and efforts to ensure their interests as one of the elements of the company’s survival

Establishing a system for receiving criticism, suggestions and responding to problems related to products in the after-sales service and company warranty section until the satisfaction of the consumer
Establishing direct and face-to-face communication with consumers and in-person review of the quality of products and services provided with the presence of the marketing team
Organize and maintain market balance based on lower profits and more sales

Monitoring and studying the market in order to anticipate needs, timely supply and increase the diversity of goods
Increasing the ability and updating the knowledge of employees as human capital and the efficiency of the company
Respect for all competitors and observe the principles of business and maintain a healthy competitive environment

History of the name Padma


Padma is the Sanskrit name for lotus flower. This flower in Sanskrit padma means base of force and

The English lotus means clean and tidy.

Padma is a symbol of peace, perfection, tranquility and solidarity. The role of this flower can be seen in many carvings of ancient Iran, in Persepolis, Kermanshah Taghbestan and on some beds of Ctesiphon and Bishabour.

One of the prominent features of the lotus flower is that despite the difficult and stagnant conditions of the swamp, it still continues to grow and the pollution of the environment does not affect its freshness and beauty. For this reason, Zoroastrians consider it very sacred.

We used this flower as an excuse to replace high quality Iranian parts with foreign ones with the cooperation of powerful domestic parts manufacturers who have a high capacity and potential, and to take an effective step in supporting our dear Iranian economy by producing domestic quality goods.

Your imagination is flat. we are together.


Ways to contact Padma: Address: Padma Building, Amirkabir St., Isfahan

Tel: 33112-031     8-36651621-031